After living and working in the Uk for 15 years we moved home to Ireland in 2020, settling in the Gaeltacht ( Irish speaking) region of North  West Donegal.  The landscape in which we live and work is inspirational. The wild Atlantic on one side and glacial shaped lakes and mountains on the other, and all around, traces of a distant and ancient past  still visible, just beneath the surface .

20 years ago we discovered the thrill of making steel move, through the application of heat and the interaction of  hammers, human hands and eye.  Evolving that experience over time, we now incorporate hot glass,  gilding metals and patination  into our work and  have build up a finely tuned range of indoor and outdoor forged steel designs.  We are privileged in where we live and work and in the love we have for what we do, namely,  to design, to explore combining materials and to create objects of uniqueness and beauty.  Feel free to explore our site. “Who we are is what we make”, but it also ,where we live and what we love in our day to day.   

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We have being exhibiting at the world famous Chelsea flower show for the last 15 years and been shortlisted for best new design 3 years in a row. This part of our design portfolio has been heavily influenced by the art and craft motif of  “Never have anything in your home which is not beautiful and useful“. We have extended this philosophy into the garden, where we have a wide range of garden sculptures, bird feeders and sculptural plant supports. Some of these are displayed in our garden Pages but you can also see our full range on our sister site  STRAYSPARKS.CO.UK. Any items on this sister site can be purchased and delivered to Ireland; please use the contact form on the top menu to enquire.

The people behind the brand.  It can be a bit of a cliche but from experience we know that a brand/ business/product is only as good as the people behind it. There the nuts and bolts, the getting your hands dirty, the driving through out the night to do a trade show kind of people, that have your back, as you have there’s.  Over the years through chance, good fortune (on both sides) and a fine tuned perception; we have created a great team around Us.   Matt,  trained as a potter and now works in Glass, Paul,  engine of the workshop,  wizard tool maker and a zen master at the art forming jigs.  John, doer of all thing involved in running a Craft business and Lisa the consistent voice and tone behind the multitude of emails and phone calls. Plus not to forget the workshop deity, who keeps an eye over us and has top position at the Christmas meal table. (seriously she does)


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